121 Engineering Solutions LLC
Highly Experienced
Aviation Engineering,
FAA DER/DAR, & Documentation

121 Engineering Solutions provides highly experienced technical support to Airlines,
Air Cargo & Business Jet Operators, MRO’s, and Aviation Suppliers.

121 Engineering Solutions LLC

TECHNICAL SUPPORT How and When You Need It

You can email or call us to discuss your specific needs and requirements, or you can use the convenient “Make a Service Call Request” Tab at the top of our webpage to Schedule a Service Appointment with us by phone or video.

We offer you our off-site support through convenient phone or video calls, or our on-site support upon mutual approval.

We offer you convenient access to our highly experienced Airline Engineering, Documentation, and FAA DER/DAR professionals to support FAA Part 121 and 135 operators, business jet operations, MRO’s, and aviation suppliers.

Subject Matter Experts


  • ACMS-Aircraft Conditioning Monitoring Systems
  • Aircraft Cyber Security
  • Aircraft Documentation and Compliance
  • Anti-Ice Systems
  • Auto Pilot Systems
  • Avionic Systems
  • Cabin Systems IFE
  • CPDLC-Controller Pilot Data Link Communication
  • DFDR-Mandatory Parameter Audits
  • Flight Management Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Fire Detections Systems
  • Flammability Analysis, Testing, and Approvals
  • Fuel Treatment Programs
  • Interiors
  • Lighting, Interior, Exterior, LED Conversions
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Onboard Loadable Software Distribution
  • Oxygen Systems
  • Paint and Rebranding
  • Satellite Communication Systems and Antenna
  • Structures and Analysis